Chamber’s Plan to Help Global partner’s individuals and organizations Compete and Win in the Worldwide Economy. The benefits of international engagement extend far beyond the movement of goods, services, and people. Global engagement has also improved the state of the world, promoting peaceful exchange and lifting hundreds of millions of people out of poverty through more open markets and trade-generated growth.

Without question, the competitive environment facing our workers and businesses is challenging. Many nations have followed our lead in reforming their economies, opening their markets, and investing in training and technology. Now they are competing with us for customers, capital, resources, and jobs — not only around the world but right here in your country. In the face of this tough competition, we can choose to blame our competitors and attribute our own problems to the faults of others. We can retreat from the world and close our markets and borders in an effort to shield our workers and industries.

Or we can choose to remake ourselves and provide our people and businesses with the skills and tools they need to succeed. We can heed the lessons of history which suggest that no nation has ever remained prosperous by walling itself off. We can do a better job ensuring that the opportunities of global commerce are extended to all.

We invite you to consider the facts, reflect on what’s at stake, and join us in a vigorous effort to knock down market barriers abroad, stay engaged in the world, and remove the impediments that make it harder for worldwide members to compete in the worldwide economy.

CICRAUN mission as well to \ Help Small Businesses to Export

The CICRAUN  should also make it a priority to boost exports by world’s  small and medium-sized companies who are becaome member of world’s CICRAUN organization.. As noted above, small business has long been recognized as a motor of job creation and innovation, but world  tend to regard international trade as the domain of large multinationals

Dr. Alexnader Mathew Sokolinsky
President and CEO
CICRAUN GLOBAL Chamber of Inter Commerce
Mrs. Marina Sokolinsky
Executive administrative Assistant
Aleksei KhomovExecutive Vice President and
Head of International Affairs
Global Chamber of Commerce